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Tasty Fruit  Recipe   




  •   1 pound of cherries, washed and pitted

  •   3/4 cup organic sugar

  •   Juice of 1/2 lemon



  •  In a food processor, puree cherries. Be sure to leave some chunks for thicker consistency.


  •  Over medium heat, cook cherries and lemon juice for

                approximately 20 minutes. Be sure to stir frequently to

            avoid scorching the bottom.


  •  Add sugar and continue to cook until thickened on medium heat. This should take about 5-7 minutes.


  •  Remember that the jam will continue to thicken once it cools.



    Once you've made the jam, immediately place it in prepared 

    jars. If you are planning to preserve the jam, be sure to place 

    the cover jars in a hot water bath for at least 10 minutes.


Fresh Cherry Jam

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