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With an eye to the future,

we are expanding in many ways. 

About Alliance Foods



Alliance Foods is a rapidly growing importer, exporter, and distributor in the seafood industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver top quality products at the most competitive prices. Always improving our value to our customers and suppliers, we have established high standards in preparation, experience, and commitment that ensures only premium quality seafood that earns the right to carry the name of Alliance Foods. Alliance Foods’ mission is to operate as a responsible, respected, and trustworthy company.





Alliance Foods has developed dependable and direct sources of seafood from all over the globe. One of the Alliance Foods’ partner companies is one of the top Swai and Tilapia fillet exporters in Vietnam. It plays a key role in raising, harvesting, processing, and marketing in Europe, America and Asia. The quality control, product availability, and price stability are monitored and reliable. Each line of our seafood products is examined and certified by HACPP, Global G.A.P., and BRC Certification Body etc, ensuring 100% food safety. In addition, we foster the deepest respect to our water and continue to employ the highest level of sustainability practices daily.




As our reputation has grown, our seafood products have been shipped worldwide and we have become a leading seafood sources. In 2012, Alliance Foods happily announced a new product line: fresh fruit, which has become one of our top-selling lines. Additionally to better serve our customers and enhance our product selections, Alliance Food now offers a selection of chicken, pork and beef products.




Our major customers are food wholesalers, distributors, supermarket chains, restaurant groups, buying groups and anyone who buys large volumes around the world. We know that our customers’ success depends on delivering our promises each and every day. Alliance Foods has the people, systems, and infrastructure to ensure our mutual success. Furthermore, our experienced sales team is committed and always ready to satisfy all your needs all around the world.





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