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19 Amazing Benefit Of Cherries For Skin, Hair and Health

www. Sytle -  Edited by IRA SHARMA - Jan 9, 2014  


Who wouldn’t love cherries? Apart from tasting really good, they also offer

very good nutritional value. Each cherry tree produces about 7000 cherries

every harvest season. They are available in a variety of colours ranging from

yellow to black but the ones that are mostly consumed are red in colour.

Cherries also come in different shapes from round to heart; They can be

eaten as snacks and are also used in making tarts and cherry pies or juice.

They benefit us in many ways as it is a source of nutrients and vitamins. They

also help in burning fat, however they do not show a drastic loss in weight,

you can substitute them with higher calorie food in order to reduce your daily

calorie intake. Read below to know few cherry benefits.


Benefits of Cherry


1.   They contain anthocyanins which are good for maintaining a healthy body. The anti oxidants help in inhibiting the

      oxidation promoted by oxygen and anti oxidants that help protect the body from damaging the preradicals or ORAC

      (oxygen radical absorption capability) it also measures the total anti oxidant value.

2.   Cherries contain melatonin which is five times more than the blackberries, strawberries and helps cure insomnia (which

      is a sleep deficiency) and maintaining healthy joint function. It is also suggested for jet lag.

3.   They also act as anti inflammatory agent.

4.   It helps the body to fight against cancer, aging, headaches etc.

5.   Cherries also help to control blood pressure and heart rate thus helping our cardiovascular system.

6.   Cherries contain about 100 calories per cup and provide us with the perfect amount of calories required daily.

7.   Cherry fruit benefits also include provision of the right amount of ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capability) units to

      the body.

8.   Cherries are alkaline content foods which means they will help to maintain the body’s ideal PH balance.

9.   Cherries contain vitamin A, vitamin B and minerals like calcium and phosphorus (which is good for the brain.)

10. Cherries give you the energy necessary for the body as they not only help in building blood but they also give you 

      flexibility due to sodium content present in them.

11. Cherries are a good source of vitamin A, B, C & E which means a little cherry treat is sufficient for the multivitamin

      dosage needed by the body to keep the skin radiant and healthy.

12. Good for skin lightening:

      Cherry juice is believed to clear dark spots and help in skin lightening. Researchers believe that its prolonged use   

      can regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.

13. Anti-oxidants:

      Cherries are a very rich source of anti-oxidants, known as Anthocyanins, which are proven to be cancer eliminating 

      agents.These help to keep a check on any cancer cells present in the body and stop them from growing uncontrollably.

14.  Anti- ageing properties:

      Being endowed with the highest level of anti-oxidants, in comparison to other fruits, it helps in slowing down the

      ageing process by fighting those free radicals present in the body which make the skin look older.

15.  Beauty sleep:

      Cherries are believed to be sleep inducing agents as they contain a chemical called melatonin, which regulates the  

      sleeping pattern. Sleep is of utmost importance for overall health and beauty. A sound sleep eventually results in  

      glowing and radiant skin.

16. Vitamin A:

      Vitamins are essential for overall health. The abundance of vitamins in cherries makes it a wonder fruit. Vitamin A 

      keeps hair and scalp hydrated. It also regulates the production of an essential acid called Retinoic acid which is   

      important for hair follicles.

17. Vitamin B:

     Vitamin B helps in improving blood circulation in the body, including the scalp, which results in regeneration of the 

     existing cells and triggers hair growth.

18. Vitamin C:

     Vitamin C is very essential for hair. It helps in strengthening hair follicles and prevents breakage from the roots. It also

     nourishes the hair and prevents split ends and hair fall by stimulating the growth of new hair follicles.

19. Vitamin E:

     This vitamin helps in proper blood circulation to maintain immunity and helps prevent any hair damage. It also     

     maintains appropriate moisture in the hair and scalp.




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